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Travel Vignettes

8.1.18 - Cevennes Mountains, outside the small village of Las Fontans, France

Being out here on the land has made me think a lot about a slow life, living for the little things, the simplicities, so much melts away, desires and needs. The nervous system soothed with the humm of nature, cicadas in the trees and caressing of a gentle breeze. Finding spaciousness in the lack of buzz of the city and all the wants that come with, longings to wander, to consume, to fill the cravings... Yet here another curiosity peeked, that of wonder within, and what is? What can I do with what's here, with what I have & what the land has to offer. Off grid, dry temperatures breaking for 100, though feels hotter, with nothing but the land, the heat and I.

On the first day I found some nice green wood and I thought perfect for the spoon i've been wanting to carve and began to chip away... slowly so slowly the satisfaction in each sliver as it parts like butter, the joys of a sharp knife and this beautiful piece of wood, a gentle vision, enjoying the joy in the process, growing closer into the potential of something useful, something beautiful. Time melting away...

As my hands grew tired my eyes fell on the book i've been carrying with me for far too long and can never seem to get past the first few pages... I dove in, with the sweltering heat of the afternoon, begining Braiding Sweetgrass, a cold shower and the hammock calling to me, Robin Wall Kimmerer's words landing so sweetly in my ears. Tears welling in me from the timelessness and depth of truth in her writings ringing through me like a bell, slowly I notice wind in the trees and the sky in the distance growing dark, a deep dark purple haze, and then a low rumble resonating in my chest, the winds stirring closer, the chimes ringing in the open air kitchen. I stop and put the book on my chest to listen. With the winds darkness sets in & now just overhead, drops of rain trickle through the trees, mingling with salty tears on my cheeks, cracks of lightning and thunder overhead affirm my longings. Its still so warm out all the feels of a tropical storm, basking in the reprieve from the heat of the day, what a gift.

Soaking in this beauty... Learning to love the longings

© misha miller 2018