Hi I’m Misha, I’m a photographer native to Sonoma County, in the North Bay Area of California. Born and raised a country girl with street smarts, and an impulse to explore, document & express.

I began honing the craft of photography from age 13 through many days, nights & years transfixed under the dim red lights in the dark room, crafting and developing images. To further understand this language and my art I journeyed down to Santa Barbara to study at      The Brooks Institute of Photography. I left Brooks with a degree in commercial advertising photography and a thirst for the world.

Over the years since I have spent time traveling many countries, capturing and telling stories of the land, of people and place, culture, life making and living, of friends and fellow artists, as well as local businesses and entrepreneurs here at home in The Bay.

I often find myself chasing light around, allured by the subtle beauty of a warm dappled light streaming in a dusty window, intrigued by the juxtaposition of things new and old, or reflecting on the wayward gaze of a stranger. I strive to create bold, authentic images that tell a story, that stir and conjure inspiration & emotion. My approach is two part, dreamer meets documentarian. Setting the scene and then getting very still in the moment and watching the details unfold, the light shift, and making subtle movements to capture that sweet spot. 

When not behind the camera, you will find me in the kitchen experimenting, foraging, harvesting fresh ingredients, sharing food with friends, exploring new lands, perusing the flea market, dancing or playing in the garden. I also spend a fair amount of time dreaming about land and a big beautiful barn to make art in. Most often you will find me with my bags packed ready for the next adventure!

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m@mishamiller.com  //  707. 849. 3136

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