about - MishaMiller

I am lit up by the adventure, in engaging curiosity through  explorations of light that tell a story as we get present, surrender and play. I am enamored by the poetry of the soul that speaks in beauty; in the mystery and magic that happens when we drop into our hearts & embody our truth. It is an honor to bear witness and to capture these moments, and above all to witness dreams and ideas come to light in physical form.

I propose we embark together into this realm, to make art together; to explore what is alive in you, what voice and what beauty wants to be seen. Together we can uncover the stories that want to be told.       Whether it’s a question you’re sitting with, a curiosity or desire to explore a calling, or to find your unique flavor in what you do, I’d like to help. Whether it’s just for you, for your brand, or to capture a lifetime of memories on your wedding day. I want to take that journey with you, to capture the images that want to come through.

Through inquiring questions, and an organic process, with skill and a little magic, we will craft your visions into being. Providing you with beautiful images that speak your truth and tell your story.

Write me with questions or to schedule a session and we can take the next steps in making your visions reality!


Private Portrait Sessions $575+

Website Brand Package - $1400+

Weddings- $2400+


Events  $240/hr (5hrs-) $220/hr (5hrs+) Min. 2 1/2 hr

1/2 day - $1200     Full day 8-10hrs $2200

All quotes include pre and post meetings, as well as editing and delivery time and cost.

m@mishamiller.com  //  707. 849. 3136